About Us

Western Book Publisher Becky Coffield rgb  We are a tiny, independent, traditional publishing company located in Wickenburg, Arizona. I have a small but mighty staff:

Vin, our cover designer, friend, and advice giver now lives in Ecuador. Eeeks! I just hope he has internet!

Tom is my all-around, go-to person who makes attending events and festivals possible. He also is our historical editor for the westerns we’ve published, verifying guns used, ammo, and other research to check on locations and historical people.

Renee lives somewhere in the wilds of Montana but spends time doing final edits.

Jered is our computer-man on call. He also helps manage our Cowboy Up Contest and hangs around a lot making us laugh.

Ben sometimes serves as acquisitions manager. He reviews submissions and passes them on to me if they’re good prospects.

Ingram is our printer and distributor.

And I make final decisions, edit, and do layouts.

And Reba Peru is my mule.

We’re small but capable, having published numerous, award-winning titles.








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