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High Country Killers front

When it comes to Moonlight Mesa’s shoot-em up Westerns, there’s only one name to remember: Jere D. James.

Jere is the author of the Jake Silver Adventure series which consists of seven novels. Each book is set in a unique area of Arizona in the 1880s. The locales are spot on and many of the characters in these books are the real-deal, but the main characters are fictional.

The books comes in this order:

1. Saving Tom Black  – a feel-good, funny, sad, tender, lots of shoot-em up action. Meet savingtom-18some of the main characters in this novel – all of whom are unforgettable. 

 2. Apache  – this book introduces Nantan Lupan. It’s definitely a hard-core, gritty, dark Western.

  3. Canyon of Death  – this title sees Nantan Lupan come to Sheriff Jake Silver’s rescue when the lawman goes in hot pursuit after Johnny Geiger who has kidnapped Jake’s gal.

  4. High Country Killers – you’ll meet Richard Moody, an eye-glass wearing, Shakespeare quoting, smart aleck gunman who was hired to kill Jake Silver but befriends him instead.

  5. Back From the Dead – This is one helluva book! Jake Silver and Richard Moody Desturnell Mexico.tifhead into Baja Mexico to rescue Jake’s sweetheart Betsy and her sister who’ve been kidnapped by villainous Jeremiah Atkinson, then stolen from him and sold to Mexican kingpin Diego Fuentes.

6. Gunslinger Justice – another wild and woolly journey into Mexico…this time Richard Moody is there to rescue Jake Silver whom Moody believes to be dead.

7. Gunslinger Revenge – well, the title says it all!




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