Robert Walton’s Dawn Drums is a five-time, award-winning historical novel. Its last award was in 2018 when it won the People’s Choice Award in its division.

May of 1864 was perhaps the Civil War’s most terrible month. Dawn Drums begins at this crucial time and its action coincides closely with the sesquicentennial of the events it depicts.

Told by the voices of Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, Almira Martin, General Grant and an assorted host of other Civil War participants, including a small group of black “contrabands,” Walton’s narrative offers an utterly unique and riveting view of the Civil War’s last year.

Dawn Drums will enable readers to clearly understand the appalling war that divided a nation. Despite the Civil War’s horror and savagery, the main characters of this truly gripping, historical novel emerge as heroes who, even today, remain inspirational and noble.

This is a “can’t put down” read!

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