Casey Tibbs – Born to Ride,by Rusty Richards,  has been the biggest selling publication of Moonlight Mesa Associates. This is the authorized biography of rodeo’s premier bronc rider who was the man who made rodeo what it is today.

This memorable, charismatic cowboy from South Dakota is a legend, and the author’s biography of Casey is top-notch and all-inclusive. It covers many rodeo greats such as Jim Shoulders, Deb Copenhaveer, Carol Olson, Ben Johnson, Gene Pruett, Bill Linderman and so many more.



J.R. Sanders’ historical account of “Old West Lawmen Who Died With Their Boots On” is nothing short of fascinating. Some Gave All is unbelievable in its scope and meticulous reporting of lawmen who died in the line of duty but never made it to fame.

Many “law dogs” of the untamed West engaged in exploits rivaling or surpassing those of their renowned contemporaries (such as Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Hickok), yet their names are little if at all known today. Sanders’ book goes a long way in making these forgotten heroes memorable.

Not only does Sanders give detailed information about the lawman and the criminal(s) involved in the crime, but the crime itself is covered in detail, and the author then proceeds to tell the follow-up involving the court trials and outcomes.

If you like historical accounts, this is a great read!



Getting a Handle on Herpes, by P. A. Arnold, is available only as an ebook.  This title has far surpassed anything we imagined.

P.A. Arnold does a great job of putting the diagnosis of herpes into perspective. With humor and compassion the author gives readers a real understanding of this virus and offers a variety of recommendations for dealing with it.

Arnold also disagrees with medical opinion that genital herpes is only contracted via sexual encounter, and she offers several studies that contradict current belief on this. She admits she is not a doctor or medical practitioner of any kind and she does not try to “prescribe” her method of dealing with her own case of herpes. However, she offers hope! And she encourages people to find their own protocol, to eat healthfully, and do everything possible to decrease their stress level.

The book is very cheaply priced at the author’s request. She simply wants to help others as best she can.


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