Saving Our Oceans

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We are only as healthy as the ocean. The ocean provides 70 to 80% of our oxygen. Plastic pollution is one of the major threats to the ocean…and to us. Join the JUST ONE THING Alliance and help stop death by plastic.

Our drinking water is disappearing. Aquifers world-wide are drying up. Much of the remaining water is heavily polluted by plastic & oil pollution, brain and flesh eating bacteria, marine and river dumping, radioactive waste, and atmospheric deposition. We’re in serious trouble. “Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.” (Mark Twain).

Support organizations that are fighting to protect us: NRDC (Nature Resource Defense Council), CELDEF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund), GARN (Global Alliance for Rights of Nature), Green Peace. Monetary donations to these groups is one way you can help save the planet and its inhabitants.

And, Saving Our Oceans is $12.95 and is available on Amazon and from the publisher. Proceeds from sales are donated to the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition and to the Friday Harbor Whale Museum.

For a signed copy, order direct from the publisher at

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