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R.L. Coffield’s award-winning Northern Escape  is the first book in the Ben Thomas Trilogy and has been a top-seller for Moonlight Mesa Associates. Although the suspense starts in Las Vegas, the bulk of the story is set in Southeast Alaska where Detective Ben Thomas believes a notorious criminal, Roy Biers, recently released from prison for a robbery in Las Vegas has headed. Detective Thomas suspects that Biers is looking for his young partner who by sheer luck escaped at the scene of the crime with $2,000,000.

Northern Escape introduces the characters who will appear in the following two novels: Northern Conspiracy, a mystery again set in Southeast Alaska, and Death in the Desert,  a brutal international thriller set in Phoenix and Baja Mexico.

The villains in these books are among the worst imaginable. The action is non-stop.

“If you want a story that has heart, this is for you. If you want one that has passion, adventure and the struggle with moral issues of life and death, you don’t want to miss this book. A tightly written, mind absorbing story with an ending that will absolutely delight you. Truly recommended.”  Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review.

“…an engrossing novel whose plot engages the reader and delivers right to the believable and satisyfing ending. Well crafted characters…true-to-life, believable people…It’s a fine story.”  Critiqued for National Writers Association by Paula L. Silici




Northern Conspiracy, a mystery, is the second book in this series. It’s a page turner that will keep you guessing up to the last minute.



Brutal best describes this international thriller. While the main characters are fictional and continued from Northern Escape and Northern Conspiracy, the setting and villains are not – their names were changed for obvious reasons.

This third and final book in the Ben Thomas Trilogy can be read as a stand-alone. The story brings to close many of the conflicts and issues that arose in book one. While the story is stark and unnerving, the ending is unexpected and surprisingly pleasing. R.L. Coffield consistently writes great endings!

Much of the novel is factually based and more than a bit disturbing.  The story proposes that the drug cartels have partnered with international terrorists who are invading the country at the southern border. Ultimately the plan is for a Mexican flag to wave at the White House – without a shot ever having been fired. The villains are cold-blooded, savage, and ruthless.

The characters in this book are highly memorable – both the good and the bad. You won’t want to stop reading, guaranteed.


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