Young Reader Titles

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Prepare for some laughs and some lessons learned in  Sam’s Desert Adventure.  The mischievous, trouble-prone Sam is endearing from the start. Sam finds out that nothing comes without a price as he learns responsibility in so many areas and has endless adventures with his mule Bucket.

This hilarious book has warmth, a great story line, wonderful characters, and a top-notch ending. It’s appropriate for ages 7 to 10. This title has won four awards.


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 New York City orphan Joe Monday dreams of finding a family and of being a cowboy. Things look up when he’s sent West on an “orphan train,” until he ends up with a pair of pig farmers who only want the free labor he provides. Joe runs away with a cattle drive headed north from Texas, though the cowboys are unsure of their young tag-along. But when disaster strikes, Joe proves that even a kid can be a hero and learns that dreams really can come true.

Appropriate for ages 7 and 8. This title has won 2 awards.

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